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[personal profile] mirasymphony arrived safely and we've begun the great tour of NZ. We've seen Hobbiton! And oh yes precious we got to see the construction going on for the Hobbit.

We're in Rotorua now playing with mud, sulphur and Maori.

The sun is shinning here *grin*
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Before we get to the main event:

I AM GOING TO SEE AC/DC TOMORROW NIGHT so I am a little excited! I just booked my ticket tonight (I looked it up on the off chance there might be spare tickets). High way to hell is going to be amazing live

And here is the picture of the day:

Ianto at ease<

SO it contains my jandals which are never off my feet (apart from tomorrow night, my feet would die in them) and my Ianto that I have carried with me everywhere. I remember buying it with [personal profile] keeperofdestiny way back before I set off and grinning like an idiot.
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mirasymphony takes the top spot. I am dancing around everywhere. SHE IS COMING TO NEW ZEALAND. I remember back in school when we dreamt that we would go to New Zealand in search of hobbits. And now it is really happening. It just...I'm still lost for words.

The insane conversations that spring up on twitter especially with batmanboxers and keeperofdestiny. I've spent so much time doubled up with helpless laughter over them this week that it is awesome.

I joined fandom_smash to save batmanboxers' Ten from getting kicked by someone from Glee. I am now having a blast over there with Jack. Everyone is flirting with him. He's sticking by his Doctor and dislikes the Master for getting in the way.

And then Kerry tops it all off by ageeing to start our demons rp up again. It was more than I deserved but I am so excited about it.

There is less to be excited about off the internet. I'm working a lot more this week because of the amount of people booking in for the Big Day Out. And well it's hard to make friends in the hostel when I still need to be managerial at other times. I just need to get the guts up to go and walk into a bar alone and start talking to people.

I did it!

Jul. 26th, 2009 06:49 pm
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I blogged for a solid twenty-four hours. Some of it may have been a great deal of jumble but it was fun and all the better because it was in the aid of charity.

Thanks to everyone who has commented at some point during the twenty-four hours and for the words of encouragement. Heck it was something of a group effort to keep me going at times.

Everyone should give this a shot at some point though I would suggest stocking up on snacks and good coffee. I could have done with the good stuff at quite a few points in the night. Coffee mmmm Ianto mmm Jack licking coffee flavoured chocolate off him mmmmmm.

My last little counter on the posts:
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I've booked in to get all my injections and anti malaria tablets on Monday. This, I am seriously not looking forward to. I have a very large aversion to injections (when I was younger I had a very painful injection into the bone, twice). But at least it will soon be out of the way.

Still to do for the Trip
Get book recommendations off everyone
Get playlists or suggestions for playlists off everyone
Get people's addresses for postcards

Pick between two backpackers travel insurance
Pick which tour of China suits best and is affordable!
Go in Monday or Tuesday and book tours, ticket, organise visa and travel insurance
Buy the necessaries which really is turning into a long list of small things
Put all the information of hostels, things I want to do and buses trains into a small book to take
Check CV through and prepare a covering letter, print a couple of copies

I -think- that is roughly it for the minute but I can never be sure. Small things keep occuring to me.
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Something my granddad used to say every birthday:
Today being my birthday, 10 000 pounds I have to give away, but I think I will put it back in my chest and keep it for a rainy day

My parents succeeded in making me choke up this morning. The large portion of their present was a contribution towards the cost of my around the world trip, I hadn't been expecting it at all. Know I really know they are behind this decision. The other bits were the first survival things for the trip:

Undies and a guide book which is strangely perfect.

The post yesterday brought me presents and cards from Newcastle under and over! I have cute accessories for the trip and messages which make me miss them.

Tonight I am going out for dinner with my parents.

The big surprise will be the cake. It has been getting smaller and smaller every year. This year it should be around the size of a cupcake!
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*does a dance* I gets to the see the Half Blood Prince tonight thanks to the awesome [personal profile] mirasymphony. There is a staff showing going on tonight and I got an invite.

I have to admit it is lovely to be getting excited about a fandom.

And of course the 12th didn't manage perfect peace, there are clashes in the north of Belfast.
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Well Marcus and I went for a walk tonight and we rounded the corner and heard this miaow. Mistoffelees was following along behind us! He came with us the whole way only vanishing briefly to look in gardens and coming out again with a cheerful miaow.

I think the dog could take lessons from that xP

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