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Jul. 25th, 2009 09:39 pm
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We taped this weeks episodes because we couldn't face staying up late during the week. As it means watching in the sitting room and we don't have wireless, I am typing up my entries and bringing them in here on my usb every half an hour until we've caught up.

I will not be deterred from completing this, even by the cat who wants attention and more food.

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I had a great meal out with parents tonight. It was lovely and relaxed. Of course the restaraunt, Nick's Warehouse had to be right beside the gay area. I had a brief moment of grrr where my parents traditional views and mine split. But I held my tongue.

The cake increased in size this year! But we had a shape change instead. It went oval.

Not much else happened today apart from finally crossing the high wire on wii fit!
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Something my granddad used to say every birthday:
Today being my birthday, 10 000 pounds I have to give away, but I think I will put it back in my chest and keep it for a rainy day

My parents succeeded in making me choke up this morning. The large portion of their present was a contribution towards the cost of my around the world trip, I hadn't been expecting it at all. Know I really know they are behind this decision. The other bits were the first survival things for the trip:

Undies and a guide book which is strangely perfect.

The post yesterday brought me presents and cards from Newcastle under and over! I have cute accessories for the trip and messages which make me miss them.

Tonight I am going out for dinner with my parents.

The big surprise will be the cake. It has been getting smaller and smaller every year. This year it should be around the size of a cupcake!

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