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We went to visit the tunnels in Vietnam on Monday, the result I got to fire a M16 five times and managed to hit a still target once. It was a pretty exciting and very loud experience!


and today I jumped on the back of a motorcycle and trusted someone to navigate me around the roads. The roads are hair raising there seems to be no laws but I ended up loving it!

Oh and toilets here are referred to as 'Happy Houses', I am slightly weirded out
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Love Stephen Fry's tweet: Doctor's gone leaving an anti-inflammatory and some Vicodin - which Gregory House is not getting his mitts on....

Watched the first episode of season 2 of Merlin this morning, my room mate looked rather bizarred out to finding me laughing and awhing. I'm begining to think fandom people don't do long year travels. Hoping someone is going to prove me wrong on that!

There is a sad lack of Tuk tuks in Vietnam. It's back to regular taxis and one person seat bike things which are infinitely more expensive than Cambodia. This mean exploring on foot this morning for a bit and didn't get a huge amount covered (that could be because we got sidetracked by coffee....goooooood coffee)

We've done a little clothes shopping. I was looking at the designs and taking photos to make them up later because then the clothes will fit (XL is like S at home) and will be at least half the price. I think I've got about a week before I get to enjoy that fun in Hoi An.
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Hello Vietnam!

I'm camped out in a hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, occasionally singing songs from Miss Saigon to myself (and Doctor Doolittle, My Fair Lady and Singing in the Rain with a friend in the group).

Anyways I has had a few cocktails (we all did the buy 2 get one free and the measures are strong) since it is the group's last night together which is pretty sad really, we've all got on and had a laugh.

There are three others besides me staying on besides me for Vietnam and we are going to be joined by 12 new people! I am feeling shy already. Large groups and I don't mix. Oh well it will be interesting.

Nothing to report on Vietnam itself yet, we travelled for most of the day and only had time to walk around the market before dinner.

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