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day 03 → your favourite television program

The problem with this one is that I love so many. With a great deal of thought I've finally picked mine out.

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After the episode of the Wire last night I went to bed and slept for fourteen hours. It was the best night sleep I have had in a really long time.

If anyone wants to donate to Children in Crossfire in honour of me making it through the lengthy 24 hour, 48 post session, they can do so Here

Today me celebrations include going to get travel injections bleh!
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I must get mum to get some more for me when she goes out later to do the food shopping, they are far too moreish

Also I think my brain is getting a little fuzzy, I forgot what disc of the West Wing I wanted and had to go up and down the stairs several times until I got the right one. I'm oddly now finishing off the end of series 4.

In the next half hour I plan to be productive by getting things I plan to sell online photographed and up, some might even feature for charity here. If they are going to be items I will make money from, I will make an extra post between the half hour slots and state it isn't blogathon so the two don't mixed and confused.

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I am now on West Wing Sunday and I've started s1e04 - Five Votes Down

As soon as this episode is over, I am writing.

So we have for pairings - Josh/Sam (a touch of Josh/Sam/Donna later), CJ/Toby. Does anyone else have any shout out on pairings they want.

I've got some possible titles and I am open up to others, or let me know if you guys like one of these:

Price of Fire
Hidden Depths
Tit for Tat

*giggles* this is the episode where Toby's shares have gone through the roof and the president is loopy on drugs.

It is also light outside now and very wet, ick. I guess it is a good thing I won't be stepping more than two feet outside the door today.


Due South

Jul. 26th, 2009 04:04 am
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So this half I am listening out for good Due South quotes to post about.

Hopefully I will get one or two about Inuits.

Fraser: Do you want to shoot someone?
Guy: Sometimes

Fraser: Thank you kindly

There hasn't been much in the first twenty mins in the way of funnies. Oh well, I am still enjoying it and I will be enjoying it for a good few hours now.
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The half an hour flew by as did two episodes of Queer as Folk which I am really enjoying. I really love Stuart. The actor plays a guy in the wire and I keep expecting that character to announce that he is gay.

I'm on my second JD in a can and I've had a cold sausage. This is all going very well. I do have a little tiredness but nothing a champion all night can't handle


The Wire

Jul. 25th, 2009 09:39 pm
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We taped this weeks episodes because we couldn't face staying up late during the week. As it means watching in the sitting room and we don't have wireless, I am typing up my entries and bringing them in here on my usb every half an hour until we've caught up.

I will not be deterred from completing this, even by the cat who wants attention and more food.

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What a random title for the Casualty episode I am currently watching with mum. I'm not sure how it is medically related at all....or even plot related. Not a sign of Fjord or anyone from Finland and we are twenty minutes in.

Hopefully by the next post I will know something more about it.

*picks up China tours brochure*

I just have one more tour to work out, specifically China then I can go ahead and book everything.

I am so close now, and it is pretty hard going not to get over excited.

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That couldn't be anymore awesome
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Sunday is very firmly West Wing Day for me. I am part of a rewatch community.

And so the show was apparently supposed to centre around the relationship between Josh and Sam.

Why do I want to under the longest fanfic idea in the world, giving a little of their relationship for each episode. I must be -mad-.
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What a way to finish a show.

In all my tears and unhappiness....yeah a great finale. RTD has sent Torchwood off with a bang.
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Oh that was awesome, even Rhys is really growing on me

and the cut for the tractor and oh yeah the spoilers )

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