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There is some birthday cake left, I think a slice of that will go down very well.

My body thinks my mind is weird for doing this. It is inserting a clause for next year wherein it is given proper warning it is going to be driven through the night and still have to think and make a lot of movements.

Ugh there should be a more gorgeous cover for 'Kushiel's Dart', they describe an incredibly designed tattooo on Phedre's back and they don't show it off on any of the covers. People should read the series, it is glorious rich in written detail

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The half an hour flew by as did two episodes of Queer as Folk which I am really enjoying. I really love Stuart. The actor plays a guy in the wire and I keep expecting that character to announce that he is gay.

I'm on my second JD in a can and I've had a cold sausage. This is all going very well. I do have a little tiredness but nothing a champion all night can't handle


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