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Postcard wants continue HERE

More badges were procurred with the aid of [personal profile] mirasymphony and keeperofdestiny, I will take a photo of the finished bag tomorrow, it will be a work of art.

Speaking of [personal profile] mirasymphony, the wonderful best friend has agreed to be my online keeper, she will have my passwords etc in case anything happens to me so you will be kept up to date. Not that anything should happen but I don't want to jinx it by not taking precautions.

Tomorrow will be my last set of posts from the house what a scary thought! I'm sure while I'm in Heathrow airport on Wednesday I will feel the need to dive on but after that goodness knows when I'll see internets (what a scary thought!)

So the last minute preparations are running from - going for a wax, making sure I know time zones and currency conversions to making sure I finish off the Fellowship of the Ring before I go.
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To fill my ereader with as many books and fanfic as possible, I've come to you lovely people for fanfic recs in any of the following fandoms:

Lord of the Rings
West Wing
Harry Potter
Gundam Wing
Doctor Who
Fushigi Yuugi
Star Wars
Star Trek

and anything else you think I might like (books as well!)
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Some weirdo has hold of my mobile number. Don't know how they got it and were being seriously creepy down the phone. The number was with held which makes me nervous. The sensible thing would be to ignore with held numbers but I can't. The damn visa people have a with held number and they will still be phoning me. This really was the last thing I needed today.

and just got my number changed so private message me if you need/want it

To top it off, in a long series of bank mistakes, the Co-operative has put the icing on the cake. My card was faded and due to go out of date before I come back so I requested a new one in July after I was home and had done my home address change. No problem right? The card doesn't appear. I drop in yesterday to find out what the delay is. They can't work it out. So cue me checking if my card would still work since they wanted to do a reissue. Fine they assure me. Today? My card isn't working. Don't know if the new one will be here before I go.

I ran around to the Ulster Bank and they were helpful. So I am using their account again. But Dad is mad because he set up a standing order to the Co-operative which is fine because I can do transfers and things but he doesn't understand that.

Did get new badges though ^^ :
A Supernaturally one
A fun quote
A Corpse Bride one
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I have this sense of panic about what I have done today but I bet it will be one of those days when everything is done this evening I will feel very relaxed and happy.

Yesterday much to my amazement and joy I had a phone call from NZ! Okay it was only the bank calling to make sure I'd got all the details but it was NZ calling. Of course I know feel the need the transfer my money over to it today (it will make things easier when I land) so that means another trip into town today.

hmm maybe I'll get some badges today then. I've got a plain canvas bag I'm taking for evenings so I'm dressing it up so far I found I have:

Miaka and Tamahome
The Hobbits
Scissor Sister badge
Harry Potter 7th book badge
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After much swearing over manipulating coding, I've finally got my travelling profile layout complete. It isn't perfect but it suits me lovely. It also now has the links to my travel blog and twitter

Everything is starting to come together. My working holiday visa for New Zealand came last night through an email and I was rather impressed to find out my passport was making its way to the Vietnamese embassy, its last stop before it comes home to me!

A pay as you go phone has been procured, I've switched to O2 until I get a new sim in New Zealand and thankfully I get to keep my old number!

The notebook was found, cunningly disguised as one of the old ladybird books (Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks and the Three Bears).

I've had the dreaded dentist appointment today, it was not fun, I hate the bloody dentist

It seems the last tasks really to do are:

This Afternoon - get money out for currency, kick banks about my cards, practice packing bag again, tidy room, call [personal profile] mirasymphony and arrange to steal as much of her time as possible
Tonight - one last trip to the travel shop just to make sure I have everything
Thursday - get currency (which has already been ordered)
Friday - box everything for car boot, go for dinner with parents
Saturday - carboot sale
Sunday - go for a walk up the Cave Hill was pack on
Monday - the dreaded holiday wax
Tuesday - pick up shortened trousers, pack!
Wednesday - I'm away
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Okay so I did a simulation today of what will happen when I am in some of the more basic conditions. My toilet and the shower this morning where conducting with the following items:

She pee
All purpose liquid soap (for skin, hair and clothes)
A travel towel (no larger than two face towels joined together)

Apparently in some of the more rural areas toilet paper clogs there system up and you only have a hole in the ground. So I aimed with the she pee just fine and then used water to clean (which is all I will have). To say I was less than happy about trying this is an understatement but it is doable. I am though definitely taking some fresh wipes.

The all purpose soap was didn't lather much and didn't really have a smell of roses or anything but I am definitely clean. The microfibre towel did dry me! It was surprisingly good. But I can't say I enjoyed the shower. It was a very quick just get clean affair.

The soap has just been tried on some clothes and they are hanging in the garage to see how quickly they dry. *head desk* cotton shirts are looking much better and lighter than t-shirts.

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