30 Day Meme

May. 5th, 2010 12:16 am
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day 10 → a photo of you taken over ten years ago
Well traveling I don't have a ready supply of old photos but this photo of my and mirasymphony should have been taken nearly 10 years ago, still we made it to NZ and Hobbiton!


(may show us fighting with swords tomorrow if I can find my card reader!)

30 Day Meme

May. 3rd, 2010 11:29 am
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day 09 → a photo you took
After yesterday's depressing pictures I'm going for some of the ones I'm proud of from NZ:

Auckland on a miserable day


And now for the sun )
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You can't really plan to come to NZ for a long time and not try some of the more extreme stuff. I've conquered my nerves over the past couple of week and tried some out. There are pictures capturing the moments! First off:

The Bungy Jump]
I did this off the Auckland Bridge. It was some experience! First off we had to walk out over the bridge on its underside, attached on to the railings and then there was the nervous wait while I was kitted out and asked if I wanted to do a water touch when I jumped. By the time I got to the edge, I was giggling a lot through nerves but it turned out to be the most spectacular rush!


The Jump as it happened )

It was the most scary thrill seeking, rush of free fall I've ever experienced!
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*pretends to look shocked* Is that a picture taken from AC/DC? Why yes I think it just might be! I did mean to take more pictures but I got a little carried away at the concert and ignored my camera. I did end up with some Supernatural flash backs during it and leapt around singing for the rest of it.

There really is nothing on earth like Highway to Hell live.
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Before we get to the main event:

I AM GOING TO SEE AC/DC TOMORROW NIGHT so I am a little excited! I just booked my ticket tonight (I looked it up on the off chance there might be spare tickets). High way to hell is going to be amazing live

And here is the picture of the day:

Ianto at ease<

SO it contains my jandals which are never off my feet (apart from tomorrow night, my feet would die in them) and my Ianto that I have carried with me everywhere. I remember buying it with [personal profile] keeperofdestiny way back before I set off and grinning like an idiot.
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These are the two paper journals I have had to buy since I started travelling:

project 364

The blue one has a silk weave cover and was bought in Cambodia, the other one was bought right here in NZ. The photographs are by Craig Potton in it and they are really are incredible.
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We went to visit the tunnels in Vietnam on Monday, the result I got to fire a M16 five times and managed to hit a still target once. It was a pretty exciting and very loud experience!


and today I jumped on the back of a motorcycle and trusted someone to navigate me around the roads. The roads are hair raising there seems to be no laws but I ended up loving it!

Oh and toilets here are referred to as 'Happy Houses', I am slightly weirded out
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Meet the current bane of my life as much as I pity them. As soon as you set foot on the beach they swarm around you, trying to get you to buy bracelets and fruit. Now ignoring them doesn't get them to go away they keep pawing at you, saying how much they need the money. The worst bit is you can't really buy from them, if you buy one thing from one, then all the others demand that you buy something from them. And while one dollar isn't a lot of money, fifteen dollars is!

It does tug at the heart strings though. There was one lovely fifteen year old who wants to be a tour guide and from her height and bone structure she barely looked twelve to me. She sells all day long and goes to school for four hours in the evening. School costs 25 dollars a month and a good day of selling only gets her $5-10. Apparently she is lucky if this happens two days a week and any money she makes also needs to help support her family. I felt so sorry for her and yet there was nothing I could really do to help.
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Fry the mushrooms and the onions, grate the cheese, put on the panini bread, fold them over, put them under the grill for five mins and presto, lunch!

My grill decided to set fire to the bread today so I had a thin chargrilled layer which didn't make the rest of it taste bad.

What I love about this lunch is that its suitable for vegetarians (I'm not one but living with one for a year certainly made me appreciate food for vegetarians)

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