30 Day Meme

May. 6th, 2010 12:11 am
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day 11 → a photo of you taken recently


clearly this is not me, but recently I reinterpreted the picture at the very tree:


(they built a platform to stop us fangirls hurting the tree)

30 Day Meme

May. 3rd, 2010 11:29 am
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day 09 → a photo you took
After yesterday's depressing pictures I'm going for some of the ones I'm proud of from NZ:

Auckland on a miserable day


And now for the sun )
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[personal profile] mirasymphony arrived safely and we've begun the great tour of NZ. We've seen Hobbiton! And oh yes precious we got to see the construction going on for the Hobbit.

We're in Rotorua now playing with mud, sulphur and Maori.

The sun is shinning here *grin*
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So yesterday I warmed you up with the bungy jump while I was secretly still on a very huge adrenalin high. I still am for that matter, I've been grinning away and haven't stopped for anything. It might be because I jumped out of a plane at 14 000 feet. I sky dived! There is nothing like it in the world! The rush of the free fall, the views of the lazy glide into landing with the parachute safely out!

Yes I am never recovering from this one. I feel hugely proud of myself. Between it and the bungy I've had the biggest confidence booster, I feel really in control of myself and ready to face any challenges. So anyway, on to the photos!

Meet the plane that took me up! It just about fitted everyone in (other people were my instructed, camera man, another first timer with his instructor and two people jumping for the fun of it and the pilot of course!)


No I wasn't totally nervous when I saw the size of the plane )
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You can't really plan to come to NZ for a long time and not try some of the more extreme stuff. I've conquered my nerves over the past couple of week and tried some out. There are pictures capturing the moments! First off:

The Bungy Jump]
I did this off the Auckland Bridge. It was some experience! First off we had to walk out over the bridge on its underside, attached on to the railings and then there was the nervous wait while I was kitted out and asked if I wanted to do a water touch when I jumped. By the time I got to the edge, I was giggling a lot through nerves but it turned out to be the most spectacular rush!


The Jump as it happened )

It was the most scary thrill seeking, rush of free fall I've ever experienced!
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*pretends to look shocked* Is that a picture taken from AC/DC? Why yes I think it just might be! I did mean to take more pictures but I got a little carried away at the concert and ignored my camera. I did end up with some Supernatural flash backs during it and leapt around singing for the rest of it.

There really is nothing on earth like Highway to Hell live.
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Before we get to the main event:

I AM GOING TO SEE AC/DC TOMORROW NIGHT so I am a little excited! I just booked my ticket tonight (I looked it up on the off chance there might be spare tickets). High way to hell is going to be amazing live

And here is the picture of the day:

Ianto at ease<

SO it contains my jandals which are never off my feet (apart from tomorrow night, my feet would die in them) and my Ianto that I have carried with me everywhere. I remember buying it with [personal profile] keeperofdestiny way back before I set off and grinning like an idiot.
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These are the two paper journals I have had to buy since I started travelling:

project 364

The blue one has a silk weave cover and was bought in Cambodia, the other one was bought right here in NZ. The photographs are by Craig Potton in it and they are really are incredible.
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I've just come to the last page of the book that I have been using as my paper travel journal. It's the second book I've gone through and with a jolt, I realised I have been away for over five months. Where the heck has the time gone? This is also the longest I've ever managed to keep a diary and I am pleased to announce it is now a habit rather than a chore to remember. I've got my next journal already *pats the pretty*.

Which leads me on to my online travel blog. It is currently very sadly behind the times but I am going to spend the next few days getting it up to date. I've decided that the word count of it should be counted to my word target of the year for writing. It is getting written and edited for other people and I am getting comments on it so it fits my own criteria. The decision pleases me because it is so time consuming and does take a lot of effort.

When I first started the travel blog it was easy and fun but then people started reading it and I became a lot more conscious of what I am saying and how I am saying it. I am currently wrestling with how to describe the Killing Fields in Cambodia. It is very hard to put into words. Part of me wants to skip over it in a paragraph but I think I should be better with words than that. So I am going to try again.
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Well that was all rather sudden. Traipse back into the backpackers with my mum in tow after the last dinner together and say I'll be job hunting as of tomorrow to the lovely manager. Well he looks me up and down and says he has a job for me!

I start training tomorrow to work behind the desk selling travel packages and signing people in and out of the packers. I get 24 hours worth of work, 16 is paid, and the other 8 gives me free accomodation. Well okay I know it isn't technically free but I get a single room to myself and trust me it would cost me a lot more to -pay- for a single room.

sooo all is good, and I can look for some other part time hours to match in some place out.

The big question now is - do I get paid in cash once a week so I have money on hand or do it by the book? I have the option to do either.
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Saw a tropical penguin and surfed down tall sand dunes on a 90 mile beach. To top it all off it was at the very tip of New Zealand where the two oceans meet. I had an awesome time. Can't believe I saw a penguin in the wild.

I get to go dolphin watching tomorrow ^^

New Year

Jan. 1st, 2010 10:11 pm
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Well this evening is pretty. I am up in the Bay of Islands and there is a full moon out over the water.

Please guys no spoilers for either parts of Doctor Who, I won't get to see them for a couple of days yet and I am not going to have it ruined. I am hiding from any words that look like it.
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The future looks ....well the world hasn't ended and I haven't had to face anything like the millenium bug so I guess the world is safe for another year

Screw This

Dec. 31st, 2009 09:14 am
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I am ranting. Today I really need it. If I sound self centred about all of this, I know I am being but argh. It goes a bit like this - when I made plans to go travelling around the world, I was determined that I was going to be in Sydney for New Years. I was going to fly over from New Zealand on 31 Dec and return on 1st or at a pinch 2nd. The plan was to sleep out on the beach and really enjoy the huge New Years there.

Well that hasn't come off. Very much due to the fact that mum is here. When she said she wanted to come and see New Zealand, I was quite agreeable, planning to have here there mid November and home before Christmas so I could enjoy a backpackers Christmas and New Year. Well she booked her flights for December, not thinking about what that was going to mean for my New Years. I took it relatively in my stride, I was bitterly disappointed but I thought, heck mum needs a holiday, it will be good to see her and surely I can enjoy New Years in one of the bigger cities? Wrong. I am out in the sticks for New Years with relatives. No one to go out with. It's as bad as being stuck at home for New Years. It isn't fair.

And just to finish off the rant, with mum here this month, I didn't even get to do activities I had been planning to do like bungee jumping or white water rafting. So now my expenses for doing all the adrenalin stuff has at least doubled because I know have to get back to those places on buses etc.
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And so the picture posts begin. I sat in the Green Parrot with pictures of Viggo Mortensen staring at me from one wall and a Green Parrot from the other while I drank merrily and ate (the food was pretty damn good). I thought about you guys as I was going in.


btw drop a comment if you want an LOTR postcard I need to know how many I need to buy tomorrow at the Weta Cave
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I had these wonderful visions of walking across Mordor and climbing Mount Doom (at least part of the way). The bag was packed with second breakfast, lunch, snacks and every form of clothing available. I was wearing layers and a hat (most unusual for me since I am not a hat fan) and the walk was to last 7-8 hours.

Okay so I knew that it was going to be a tough walk and it was a lot of uphill but I was doing it. Then the fog came in, I couldn't see ten metres in front of me, then the rain poured and finally on steep uphill with no shelter the wind tried to knock me off my feet and nearly succeeded. I had to turn back. Argh, I can't imagine what it would have been like trying to get a good day for filming there.

I leave here for Wellington tomorrow (and the Green Parrot Restaraunt!) and they say the walk may be doable. Insanity is telling me to try the walk one more time before I head.
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(Pictures will be coming as soon as I get to an internet cafe and I am not having to use my vodafone toggle...which should be Monday!)

Remember back to the those heady days when Lord of the Rings was everything...

*SQUUUUUUUEEEEEES* I visited Hobbiton I've stood under the party tree and given a speech, I've been in Bag End and seen the beginnings of preparations for the Hobbit!

I go in search of Mordor and Ithilien in Tongariro National Park over the next two days. I am way too excited about seeing them.


Nov. 25th, 2009 08:22 am
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42767 / 50000

After spending weeks behind thanks to travelling through Australia I am finally ahead. I am rather excited because the plot that had been trotting along at a steady, not uninteresting way but it exploded with direction two days ago and I am really enjoying writing it.

Auckland is growing on me by the day. I climbed Mount Victoria and saw the city rising out of the mist. Relatives that sprung themselves on me yesterday are really cool and they've invited me up the coast for the next week to enjoy a nature reserve and scuba diving.
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I still can't get used to people around me referring to Flip flops as thongs, it just sounds so wrong. I do get urges to giggle every time someone says it, childish I know.

Anyway I've discovered once you get through the pain of cuts that come between the toes and having scabs a couple of times, they turn out to be the most comfortable things ever. Now my skin is tough there I absolutely adore wearing them and won't take them off my feet now.

I'm having a tough couple of days. First my room mate accuses someone of stealing her money, and she put the finger firmly at me. I know she reported it to the place and keeps waiting for me to confess which I would do if I had done something. Since I hadn't I changed rooms and then my bank freezes my card again and my NZ bank is only getting the money transferred into it on Tuesday so I am spending the day a little broke and pissed off. I should have my frozen bank card sorted again this evening but argh!

*goes back to NCIS which is just awesome*

New Moon

Nov. 19th, 2009 02:44 am
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So I went to the double feature of Twilight and New Moon, with New Moon starting at Midnight on the dot. Seriously if I hadn't read the books I would be all Team Jacob. And the film didn't suck overly, I laughed a lot but some of that was actually at the right points! It was actually lovely and face paced. There wasn't much room for fidgeting.

I can't believe I am saying this but the first cinema trip in three months, it wasn't a bad way to start again.

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