I Won!!!!

Nov. 26th, 2009 08:50 pm
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The moment of joy:

I've had a couple of pieces of chocolate and I am enjoying such a lovely glass of wine. The novel produced a great 50 000th word 'fuck'. I've also got some other nano facts:

I was the second of my writing buddies to win -nthdraft beat me to it by a considerably long way (much congratulations goes that way)

Total number of days spent behind word count: 15! (eek)

Most wrote in one day: 6724.

Background music/tv show: NCIS

I also know I never want to try Nano when I am travelling and trying to fit in with site seeing. Although I do love the spot under the sink in the bedroom where I've spent my last few days writing

*cheers to Alex and Maverick who have turned out to be such interesting characters to write*
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48044 / 50000

I just went out and bought myself a mini bottle of wine and some Cadbury's favourites. They will sit and taunt me through the last 2000 words. No matter how long they take to write, I won't be online until they are done, I will not drink (apart from caffeine) nor shall I eat, sleep or have a lovely relaxing shower nor tweet nor go online at all until they are written.

See you all on the other side.


Nov. 25th, 2009 08:22 am
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42767 / 50000

After spending weeks behind thanks to travelling through Australia I am finally ahead. I am rather excited because the plot that had been trotting along at a steady, not uninteresting way but it exploded with direction two days ago and I am really enjoying writing it.

Auckland is growing on me by the day. I climbed Mount Victoria and saw the city rising out of the mist. Relatives that sprung themselves on me yesterday are really cool and they've invited me up the coast for the next week to enjoy a nature reserve and scuba diving.
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I am being targeted because I am a backpacker to get the Swine flu vac. In a couple of mins I will be subjected to it. Lovely how I can get it after I've been through South East Asia.

Nano is stuck awaiting time, but I do have the Write or Die for offline now which is so much better because I don't have to pay and hunt for internet and it will focus me and yeah I am stuck on 14000

I'm in Alice Springs now and it is very very hot. I liked the rain in Cairns. off to get tortured with needles.
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Hello one and all! i'm remarkably cheerful for a person who can't get near her nano for another two days.

I spent the night in a fantastic hostel called Backpackers at the Bay. Quiz, sing a long and I got dumped into the pool! It is such a fun place to stay.

I am going sailing around the whitsunday islands for the next two nights, see you on the other side
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Fraser Island is a paradise. The whole island is made of sand, the lakes are crystal clear and the sand is white. I could have stayed there a lot longer. I even got to see a dingo there!

6210 / 50000

Nano is going relatively well. My MC is wiggling around and doing his own thing so I decided to post the first bit to please him.

River Cruise )
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4013 / 50000

Not bad for the first day. However Alex my MC is determinedly pushing the plot in his own direction now and I am not sure where he is taking me. I know were I am taking him tomorrow though. He is coming with me in a notebook on to a boat and from there to a island made out of sand. I'm sure I'll find some time to deal with him


Oct. 31st, 2009 05:53 pm
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I've 6 hours to go until it starts! This year I'm in the first flush of people starting. Eek! I've got some mild panic and a vague plan. I'll be writing on buses, planes and trains from midnight. I'm moving up the coast from Sydney to Brisbane. Australia is awesome but anyway if people want to add me for the year click on below!


As much as I am looking forward to New Zealand, Syndey has stolen something from me and demands I love it. For the next two weeks I am writing in between seeing:

Fraiser Island
Sailing around Whitsundays
Great Barrier Reef and Rainforest
Hiking and Camping at Ayers Rock!

I think I may be a little busy for the next while!
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I've had the Lions Roar by the Hush Sound half stuck in my head for weeks, the only words I could remember where trumpets and roar and the tune. Somehow combined with google ninja skills I was able to track it down and with great relief go and track it down on my ipod. Song crisis averted.

Notebook crisis begins. All suggestions on the web and via family suggest taking a small exercise book for writing in. I peered at the old exercise books I still have in the house. There are too few pages and too few lines. If an idea takes off I will run out of paper! So today when I go into town I need to find a small light weight notebook with space to write! This may very well be a Hoy Grail search.

Nano notebook(s) will be bought on travels. Novel that still doesn't have plot or characters and I have a pact - an idea and some smoothish writing will occur if I feed it with pretty notebooks.
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I've done it! Planes are booked, tours were necessary booked, visas applied for, banks sorted. I leave on the 19 August. My route

Belfast - London - Beijing to Hong Kong Tour - Hong Kong - Bangkok - tour of Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam finishing in Bangkok again - Australia - New Zealand - San Fran - New York (meet ups with people and additional cities to be added as needed) - London - Belfast

Nano this year is going to be nuts, I will be in Australia for half and New Zealand for half.

To my Americans, I don't have exact dates yet, I'll be working exact dates out while I am in New Zealand so we have time to scheme!

I am an excited, nervous person who has three weeks to finish getting ready!

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