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And so the picture posts begin. I sat in the Green Parrot with pictures of Viggo Mortensen staring at me from one wall and a Green Parrot from the other while I drank merrily and ate (the food was pretty damn good). I thought about you guys as I was going in.


btw drop a comment if you want an LOTR postcard I need to know how many I need to buy tomorrow at the Weta Cave
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I had these wonderful visions of walking across Mordor and climbing Mount Doom (at least part of the way). The bag was packed with second breakfast, lunch, snacks and every form of clothing available. I was wearing layers and a hat (most unusual for me since I am not a hat fan) and the walk was to last 7-8 hours.

Okay so I knew that it was going to be a tough walk and it was a lot of uphill but I was doing it. Then the fog came in, I couldn't see ten metres in front of me, then the rain poured and finally on steep uphill with no shelter the wind tried to knock me off my feet and nearly succeeded. I had to turn back. Argh, I can't imagine what it would have been like trying to get a good day for filming there.

I leave here for Wellington tomorrow (and the Green Parrot Restaraunt!) and they say the walk may be doable. Insanity is telling me to try the walk one more time before I head.
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(Pictures will be coming as soon as I get to an internet cafe and I am not having to use my vodafone toggle...which should be Monday!)

Remember back to the those heady days when Lord of the Rings was everything...

*SQUUUUUUUEEEEEES* I visited Hobbiton I've stood under the party tree and given a speech, I've been in Bag End and seen the beginnings of preparations for the Hobbit!

I go in search of Mordor and Ithilien in Tongariro National Park over the next two days. I am way too excited about seeing them.
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New Zealand, LOTR I am HERE. I've made it. I seriously nearly cried with happiness when I stepped off the plane. It's 8 years since I saw the first film and swore I'd make it to NZ one day and wow it has happened.

It is my first morning here and I am already spinning in circles working out what to do first, what to see first.

i'll be more coherent later!
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I think I may fail epically at surfing but I think I will have fun doing so. As long as I don’t make too embarrassing a duck into the water with legs at all angles and come up spluttering water. It won’t be quite the look I was going for.

This picture is still making me smile after all this time:



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