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It seems so much closer now that the calendar has been turned over from July. Every time I look at the calendar now, I can see my departure date flashing in all manner of colours out at me.

Cue a list of things still needing to be bought being drawn up with both parents reading over my shoulder and adding bits and pieces here and there. There isn't one fun thing on the list, it is all practical.

Though I can't wait to see there faces when I announce the amazing she pee
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I've booked in to get all my injections and anti malaria tablets on Monday. This, I am seriously not looking forward to. I have a very large aversion to injections (when I was younger I had a very painful injection into the bone, twice). But at least it will soon be out of the way.

Still to do for the Trip
Get book recommendations off everyone
Get playlists or suggestions for playlists off everyone
Get people's addresses for postcards

Pick between two backpackers travel insurance
Pick which tour of China suits best and is affordable!
Go in Monday or Tuesday and book tours, ticket, organise visa and travel insurance
Buy the necessaries which really is turning into a long list of small things
Put all the information of hostels, things I want to do and buses trains into a small book to take
Check CV through and prepare a covering letter, print a couple of copies

I -think- that is roughly it for the minute but I can never be sure. Small things keep occuring to me.

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