Aug. 26th, 2012 06:35 pm
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Welp that's my job application in for two other call centers.

There was another system change last week and it's screwed my wrist over again. This time there are no fixes for it. I am not making a big deal of it in work. But... fuck this is getting too much.

I don't know if the systems in any call centers will be easier. At least I will be able to try them at the interview stage. If one does work, I am changing jobs.

I refuse to go through last year again.
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Well that was all rather sudden. Traipse back into the backpackers with my mum in tow after the last dinner together and say I'll be job hunting as of tomorrow to the lovely manager. Well he looks me up and down and says he has a job for me!

I start training tomorrow to work behind the desk selling travel packages and signing people in and out of the packers. I get 24 hours worth of work, 16 is paid, and the other 8 gives me free accomodation. Well okay I know it isn't technically free but I get a single room to myself and trust me it would cost me a lot more to -pay- for a single room.

sooo all is good, and I can look for some other part time hours to match in some place out.

The big question now is - do I get paid in cash once a week so I have money on hand or do it by the book? I have the option to do either.
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I had a job interview for part time work at Harry Corry this morning. There isn't much chance that it went particularily well. Apparently there is a lot I am supposed to know about curtains feet and inches.

On Tuesday I start taking driving lessons eek! Hopefully it will go well and I will not be crashing a Nissan Micra into something.
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I'm realising just how much love and enthusiasm I have for this project when I can't go to sleep for thinking about it.

I'm interning at a place where we are trying to make a more positive image of young people in the media. I can feel how good the webpage we are creating can be. It just needs tweaked. So far we are creating:

a media sweep and template letters people can download to applaud or criticise a media story
a questionnaire for a Youth Media Charter
a petition for a youth supplement in the sunday papers

and hopefully a blog here on our progress if people are interested in following the work

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