Aug. 3rd, 2009 09:13 am
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Only [personal profile] mirasymphony would find something as wacky as this for me to watch when I wake up!

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Perhaps my view is a little skewed on this because it is a long standing fandom for me, one of my first. It was how I was introduced to the world of fandom and slash. Not only that but I rp'd it for I think it was five years.

For me it was a bland film. It wasn't scary.

Just in case I spoil someone )
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*does a dance* I gets to the see the Half Blood Prince tonight thanks to the awesome [personal profile] mirasymphony. There is a staff showing going on tonight and I got an invite.

I have to admit it is lovely to be getting excited about a fandom.

And of course the 12th didn't manage perfect peace, there are clashes in the north of Belfast.

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