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day 02 → your favourite movie

I bet a great deal of people are going to say Lauren it has to be LOTR. Okay when I've worn my copies out at least four times they will be. But here's what stole my heart as a kid:

I'm back!

Feb. 10th, 2010 05:32 am
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Okay so I have been back for two full days now, but I fail at posting! The good news is I adore gmail all the more for the downtime. I love how I no longer think about signing into multiple accounts and it just does it for me. It is going to get a whole lot more use now.

Gold Class Cinema
I have found a true Gold Class Cinema. When mirasymphony comes over she will be introduced to it. It has proper reclining seats, you control the head and the feet separately and electronically, there is a call button for service and an actual menu! Seriously I sat there with wine, a gourmet burger and chips and a chocolate mousse and when I was finished the seat was so big that I could really curl up and enjoy the film.

Edge of Darkness wasn't the world's best film but it wasn't bad either. It had some wonderful dark humour to it and it was a well constructed plot. It just seemed to hang and move slowly.
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Well I went to bed at four o'clock this morning and woke up after two in the afternoon. I was just a little impressed with myself for actually sleeping in.

I was up late doing the backpackers thing of drinking and watching films (Lesbian Vampire Killers and The Men Who Stared at Goats) and drinking beer. Got flirted with by a Canadian, flirted back. Common sense dictated I was not going to have a one night stand. Certainly didn't like how he pushed the idea when I said no. You'd would have had to date me first you prick. Damn annoying thing is that he is fun to talk to but gah, I didn't appreciated being treated like that.
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Perhaps my view is a little skewed on this because it is a long standing fandom for me, one of my first. It was how I was introduced to the world of fandom and slash. Not only that but I rp'd it for I think it was five years.

For me it was a bland film. It wasn't scary.

Just in case I spoil someone )
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My Sisters Keeper is a real take a tissue you with you to the cinema one. I went in alone and was like yeah I'm a toughie....apparently not so tough and neither was the rest of the cinema. There was a great deal of sniffling going on.

Is it bad I'm obscenely happy that I got Confessions of a Shopoholic today?

Dad arrived tonight to commence the day of dumping and packing tomorrow. The cat definitely suspects something is up! He climbed into a box earlier and I pointed to the cage and told him wrong box!

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