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May. 9th, 2010 05:20 pm
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day 15 → a fanfic

It seems oddly appropriate that today one of my favourite writers has been talking about why he doesn't like fanfiction. I find his point of you fascinating and oddly refreshing. It is very easy to see and appreciate the opposing view to fanfiction if you read over HERE

Back on Track for the Day:

Being Human, George/Mitchell Hold Me Back
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To fill my ereader with as many books and fanfic as possible, I've come to you lovely people for fanfic recs in any of the following fandoms:

Lord of the Rings
West Wing
Harry Potter
Gundam Wing
Doctor Who
Fushigi Yuugi
Star Wars
Star Trek

and anything else you think I might like (books as well!)
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I am now on West Wing Sunday and I've started s1e04 - Five Votes Down

As soon as this episode is over, I am writing.

So we have for pairings - Josh/Sam (a touch of Josh/Sam/Donna later), CJ/Toby. Does anyone else have any shout out on pairings they want.

I've got some possible titles and I am open up to others, or let me know if you guys like one of these:

Price of Fire
Hidden Depths
Tit for Tat

*giggles* this is the episode where Toby's shares have gone through the roof and the president is loopy on drugs.

It is also light outside now and very wet, ick. I guess it is a good thing I won't be stepping more than two feet outside the door today.

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I really do have things for side characters who the show or at least the fans really do revolve around for example: McNulty in The Wire, Sam in The West Wing, Jack in Will & Grace, Faramir in Lord of the Rings.

And now I’ve mentioned Sam, tonight seems like a great time to begin the West Wing project that has no end. It has no title and I could really do with one. I think the first three parts of it will be a little short so I can catch up with the rewatch and be ready to do one for episode four during the next week.

I think I’ve worked out how to keep Laurie in and still keep it Sam and Josh. It may be a bit a stretch but oh well if I want it to follow the show along until season 4 and then run Sam for president, I want to keep her in for a little juice to be uncovered during his campaign.

A little part of me is still thinking about this video:

I could make it a threesome with Donna for part of it that could be fun.

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Sunday is very firmly West Wing Day for me. I am part of a rewatch community.

And so the show was apparently supposed to centre around the relationship between Josh and Sam.

Why do I want to under the longest fanfic idea in the world, giving a little of their relationship for each episode. I must be -mad-.

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