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So I can calmly refer to that as my carboot sale. It turned out to be a small one, there was only four other people selling besides us and our car got the most attention. Of course this was due to the DVDs as no one else had a selection. Some woman tried to buy all 95 dvds for 40 pounds! I was not for having that. Still she did buy some and over half of the dvds did vanish.

I got just over 200 pounds for the carboot sale so I am over the moon. It is paying for scuba diving lessons and one exotic drink which keeperofdestiny assured me I must have while I travel and I will!

keeperofdestiny was also the awesome part of the carboot sale (I still want to steal the bag!)it was a pile of giggles and fun, total proof of how you can meet awesome friends through fandom.

Also the passport came back today with all the pretty visas on it, and I got my tokens I needed for the tours. I really do have everything I need!

So one last ditch ebay sell and flog a few things here tonight for last minute funds and to fund surfing lessons!
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Japan have a giant Gundam for the 30 year anniversary. I am dead jealous I want one of my own!
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....I really do have an obsessive love with youtube at the minute and them ^^
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I bring you teh songs from CATS that will make you want to watch the rest of it and join the fandom.


Aug. 3rd, 2009 09:13 am
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Only [personal profile] mirasymphony would find something as wacky as this for me to watch when I wake up!

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I really do have things for side characters who the show or at least the fans really do revolve around for example: McNulty in The Wire, Sam in The West Wing, Jack in Will & Grace, Faramir in Lord of the Rings.

And now I’ve mentioned Sam, tonight seems like a great time to begin the West Wing project that has no end. It has no title and I could really do with one. I think the first three parts of it will be a little short so I can catch up with the rewatch and be ready to do one for episode four during the next week.

I think I’ve worked out how to keep Laurie in and still keep it Sam and Josh. It may be a bit a stretch but oh well if I want it to follow the show along until season 4 and then run Sam for president, I want to keep her in for a little juice to be uncovered during his campaign.

A little part of me is still thinking about this video:

I could make it a threesome with Donna for part of it that could be fun.

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So apart from the new costume....

There is another bit being made over )
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Sunday is very firmly West Wing Day for me. I am part of a rewatch community.

And so the show was apparently supposed to centre around the relationship between Josh and Sam.

Why do I want to under the longest fanfic idea in the world, giving a little of their relationship for each episode. I must be -mad-.
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Perhaps my view is a little skewed on this because it is a long standing fandom for me, one of my first. It was how I was introduced to the world of fandom and slash. Not only that but I rp'd it for I think it was five years.

For me it was a bland film. It wasn't scary.

Just in case I spoil someone )
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*does a dance* I gets to the see the Half Blood Prince tonight thanks to the awesome [personal profile] mirasymphony. There is a staff showing going on tonight and I got an invite.

I have to admit it is lovely to be getting excited about a fandom.

And of course the 12th didn't manage perfect peace, there are clashes in the north of Belfast.
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What a way to finish a show.

In all my tears and unhappiness....yeah a great finale. RTD has sent Torchwood off with a bang.
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and they've just....well there goes a fandom

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