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Yesterday was something of a headless chicken on hot coals day. I got my forms for the visas and they told me I needed them back that day. Cue a lot of panic. No ink in the printer so I had to dive to mum's work get them, go and get passport photos down (first two machines we tried weren't working!) and then a hectic 2 hours of working all the dates for the visas out, filling them in and getting them to the post in time. I had an early night after that!

Driving Lessons
I got to do emergency stops today. Those were awesome fun. When I broke it to my driving instructor I would be leaving in a couple of weeks he decided to think on whether I could take the test on less than 12 lessons! So eekily I will know more on Tuesday. My new problem is mirrors, remembering and not letting my steering go a little skewy.

Sir Bobby Robson
It is so sad that he dies in the year that Newcastle go down. He was a great gent. I got to meet him while I was working at Waterstones. I remember his carer saying he could only stay a for a short period of time and he stayed on longer smiling and greeting the fans. He was a true Geordy

I knew there was going to be an exciting end to the season, I just knew it. Schumi is back. I can't wait to see him on the track again. I wonder what the Ferrari will manage with him at the wheel.
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Sorry for killing everyones flists, I promise there is only 8 more entries to come.

It is appropriate that on post 40 I have a total of £40 pledged for Children in Crossfire. I will be adding £10 as well because I bet myself that I couldn’t do this and I want the money coughed up, I am not letting myself off just because we are the same person.

*looks furtively out the window* I have a huge chocolate craving. Not sure I can make it the shop and back in half an hour…

Maybe if I ra….walked

Ah ha I shall use the dad service if I can.

I really wish the weather would make its mind if it was going to rain or not. The clouds have looked ominous for half and hour and I have remained half coiled to spring for the clothes hanging out. Half coiled is a very uncomfortable position.

Could you sue the weather?


I am glad Raikkonen is doing better.

Just when I was getting ready to post this, the rain came on really heavily. I got drenched in two seconds trying to rescue the washing.

The hoover sounds much like a car when it starts up.

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I am posting a couple of minutes early so I can see the lights go off for F1

I’ve just made myself a cup of soup and learnt a wisdom – soup keeps you going longer than eating something like a sandwich. If it sees me through even an hour I will be happy. I have had my first sip and I feel lovely and warm ^^

I’m in the sitting room now for the F1 racing and I am ready for a short rant over some of next season’s regulations. The teams will not be able to refuel during the race next year. This is going to make race watching beyond boring. There are tracks where the skill is in the driver for overtaking and then there are the more technical circuits were positions are lost and gained in the pits. It will be down to tyre wear and everyone’s speeds will be similar. I think the Mercedes Benz has the biggest fuel tank at the minute but even that isn’t big enough for a full race. The shape of the cars will be become bulky and less aerodynamic which will make overtaking even harder.

Random Supernatural thoughts
I hope the angels are well endowed, they have scarily kept bulges from showing
Sam would make a good werewolf because he does great puppydog eyes
Castiel should have a demon who is his exact opposite and they can have occasional hot angry sex.
Dean should wear all leather
Carry on wayward son should be played more often

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The last time I saw such a big accident was when Ralph Schumacher fractured bones in his back. This is infinitely more serious. It is ridiculous from a safety point of view that such a small piece of another car could cause so much damage.

I don't blame the track or the teams that was a freaking incident. There was a gravel trap and a tire barrier at the turn he went off. All the safety precautions were in place.

He is stable at the minute but they won't be bringing him out from under the anesthetic until later on today so it is hard to tell how he is really doing.

I really hope he is okay



Jul. 26th, 2009 08:29 am
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I was lovely and warm while I was in the shower but now that I am dressed, I feel freezing. I've tossed a fleece on that I didn't need during the night. . brrr, I'm buried up to my nose in it. I needed that whine.

The qualifying for the f1 is slowly putting me to sleep at the minute, there was an exciting bit but the commentators voices are so boring, I am tuning right out.
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The shower felt good though my eyes stung like hell. The hair drying and into clothes rather than a dressing gown come next. This is all in stages. It is rather cool and weird to be watching the time all the time so I can run to the keyboard and get something posted.

I'm going to watch the F1 Qualifying on BBC iplayer now. I was going to avoid it and have a surprise during race build up. But dad managed to spoil it a little when he got up even when I asked him not to so I am going to watch it now and see exactly how it all happened.


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