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I am getting a chance at a real comparison today. I have two paperback books because Doctor Who and Torchwood ebooks are extremely hard to come by. So at the minute, I am reading Sherlock Holmes on the ereader and breaking it up with the DW book and it is so weird changing between the two.

-Holding- a nomal book is much more difficult than the ereader and having to hold the pages down as I go really annoys me . Also I hate having to make a bookmark, fold the page down or try and remember the number.

The joys of an ereader are boundless, they remember where you are and hold so many books so I can really carry books everywhere with me without bulging my bag out. However, having read paper again the screen's grey screen is very odd to go back to and the pages are not always aligned properly to say nothing of the odd misspellings.

I wish the ereader could -smell- of books because then I would worship the ereader.
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To fill my ereader with as many books and fanfic as possible, I've come to you lovely people for fanfic recs in any of the following fandoms:

Lord of the Rings
West Wing
Harry Potter
Gundam Wing
Doctor Who
Fushigi Yuugi
Star Wars
Star Trek

and anything else you think I might like (books as well!)
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I'll take any recommendations on books to fill my ereader. Whatever your taste I am willing to give it a go.

The same applies to fanfic toss links etc on over.

I'm cramming my ereader to the guillets with books that will do on all forms of transport and beds.

I love my ereader to pieces. It is small and lightweight, and can hold thousands of books. The print is adjustable and turning a page is a simple button. There is no light to it (unless you switch it on) so the back to the text is the same dull matt as a book (except it is grey).


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