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Yesterday was something of a headless chicken on hot coals day. I got my forms for the visas and they told me I needed them back that day. Cue a lot of panic. No ink in the printer so I had to dive to mum's work get them, go and get passport photos down (first two machines we tried weren't working!) and then a hectic 2 hours of working all the dates for the visas out, filling them in and getting them to the post in time. I had an early night after that!

Driving Lessons
I got to do emergency stops today. Those were awesome fun. When I broke it to my driving instructor I would be leaving in a couple of weeks he decided to think on whether I could take the test on less than 12 lessons! So eekily I will know more on Tuesday. My new problem is mirrors, remembering and not letting my steering go a little skewy.

Sir Bobby Robson
It is so sad that he dies in the year that Newcastle go down. He was a great gent. I got to meet him while I was working at Waterstones. I remember his carer saying he could only stay a for a short period of time and he stayed on longer smiling and greeting the fans. He was a true Geordy

I knew there was going to be an exciting end to the season, I just knew it. Schumi is back. I can't wait to see him on the track again. I wonder what the Ferrari will manage with him at the wheel.
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Mistoffelees obviously thinks there should be more of him on the computer:


My driving instructor reckons I could pass the test at the end of 12 lessons. This surprised me but as he pointed out I have it easy not having to learn gears. I won't be trying to take the test before I go and I think I will want a couple more lessons than that.
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Oddly I was more nervous about this lesson than the first two. I don't know what started that off. However the right hand turns were much better. I was pulling out smoothly and had definitely lost the edge of panic.

Now I have an aversion to roundabouts where I am hesitating now and using my mirrors before indicating. I caused some laughter by muttering mirrors mirrors to myself.

I only have one hand so I drive an automatic. But the fun bit I thought interest you all is the adaption that goes on the wheel (mine goes on the left side)

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During my second driving lesson today, I decided to place a curse on all right hand turns. They are made of evil especially when they are out onto busy main roads. grrrrr, roundabouts seems like a dream compared to them.

But my mood brightened when I came home. There were two parcels and a birthday card waiting for me. Of course the huge temptation is to open the presents -now- instead of waiting until tomorrow
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The first one finally happened today. There were no disasters or near misses. I even went around a couple of evil roundabouts and managed to reverse at the end.

My highest compliment?

You can drive in a straight line

(apparently this isn't easy to do)
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I had a job interview for part time work at Harry Corry this morning. There isn't much chance that it went particularily well. Apparently there is a lot I am supposed to know about curtains feet and inches.

On Tuesday I start taking driving lessons eek! Hopefully it will go well and I will not be crashing a Nissan Micra into something.

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