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After the episode of the Wire last night I went to bed and slept for fourteen hours. It was the best night sleep I have had in a really long time.

If anyone wants to donate to Children in Crossfire in honour of me making it through the lengthy 24 hour, 48 post session, they can do so Here

Today me celebrations include going to get travel injections bleh!

I did it!

Jul. 26th, 2009 06:49 pm
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I blogged for a solid twenty-four hours. Some of it may have been a great deal of jumble but it was fun and all the better because it was in the aid of charity.

Thanks to everyone who has commented at some point during the twenty-four hours and for the words of encouragement. Heck it was something of a group effort to keep me going at times.

Everyone should give this a shot at some point though I would suggest stocking up on snacks and good coffee. I could have done with the good stuff at quite a few points in the night. Coffee mmmm Ianto mmm Jack licking coffee flavoured chocolate off him mmmmmm.

My last little counter on the posts:
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Sorry for killing everyones flists, I promise there is only 8 more entries to come.

It is appropriate that on post 40 I have a total of £40 pledged for Children in Crossfire. I will be adding £10 as well because I bet myself that I couldn’t do this and I want the money coughed up, I am not letting myself off just because we are the same person.

*looks furtively out the window* I have a huge chocolate craving. Not sure I can make it the shop and back in half an hour…

Maybe if I ra….walked

Ah ha I shall use the dad service if I can.

I really wish the weather would make its mind if it was going to rain or not. The clouds have looked ominous for half and hour and I have remained half coiled to spring for the clothes hanging out. Half coiled is a very uncomfortable position.

Could you sue the weather?


I am glad Raikkonen is doing better.

Just when I was getting ready to post this, the rain came on really heavily. I got drenched in two seconds trying to rescue the washing.

The hoover sounds much like a car when it starts up.

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May I present three mushroom candles that are looking for a home. They've come all the way from Istanbul:


They can go as a three, a two or a one and you don't have to pay post and packaging anywhere around the world. You could donate the p+p money to Children in Crossfire if you wanted (I'm sticking with the Blogathon-ness)

There are some other goodies I hope to give away as they reappear out of the boxes

Comments will be screened so you can give addresses for posting :)

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Children in Crossfire is a charity that was set up to help children affected by the troubles in Northern Ireland.

The man who set the charity was blinded by a soldier in troubles in Londonderry when he was child. He never bore any anger towards the soldier and has often told the story in talks as a message of peace.

He always wanted to meet the soldier and talk to him. He did make contact with the soldier. In front of large crowd with the Dalia Lama in Northern Ireland the two stood together on the stage and shook hands. It was one of the most moving things that I have ever witnessed.

I've managed to fit eating between these two posts, now I've got to get the washing up done at double quick time.


Jul. 25th, 2009 07:22 pm
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So I've picked this up from lemoned_x (over on lj) and it looks like fun. Blogathon I blog every half an hour for twenty four hours in aid of raising money for charity.

I've selected Children in Crossfire, if you would like to sponsor me I'll let you know how at the end of the twenty four hours ^^. Feel free to pledge anything. I've already got my rather bemused parents sponsoring me.

See you in half an hour to tell you a little bit about Children in Crossfire.

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