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Mistoffelees obviously thinks there should be more of him on the computer:


My driving instructor reckons I could pass the test at the end of 12 lessons. This surprised me but as he pointed out I have it easy not having to learn gears. I won't be trying to take the test before I go and I think I will want a couple more lessons than that.
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Today the cat shows off his other obsession:

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I don't get to go and collapse straight after the last post. There is an episode of the Wire to be watched. I will muster what is left of my concentration there is for that or I'll be lost two episodes into series four.

The cat has been sleeping all the time I have been awake and I suspect he is going to wake up when I get ready to be sleep. Right now with his fluffy coat he looks like he is wearing long comfortable pajamas.

The tour trips I want to take were gone over with my parents over dinner, we scrutinised every last detail, including the additional money I would need for the meals that weren't included and spending money. Thankfully we are all satisfied with the price (as we can be) and what the tours offer me.

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Mistoffelees does have a strange obsession with bags. He loved peering in them and crawling in, even if it is plain plastic bag. Now if he was really like his namesake he would be bringing out something besides himself when he emerges from the bag.

In one hour I will have been up for twenty-four hours.



Jul. 26th, 2009 05:27 am
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I have a bowlful of cherries in front of me now! If it wasn't raining outside I would go and spit the pips and see how far I could get them.

When I went into the kitchen I said hello to the cat. He had his back to me on the chair he likes to sleep on and rolled off in attempt to turn around and greet me. The cute sleepy cat got many cuddles which did very little for his dignity levels.


The Wire

Jul. 25th, 2009 09:39 pm
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We taped this weeks episodes because we couldn't face staying up late during the week. As it means watching in the sitting room and we don't have wireless, I am typing up my entries and bringing them in here on my usb every half an hour until we've caught up.

I will not be deterred from completing this, even by the cat who wants attention and more food.

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The cat went for his snip snip today and is just back in the house, a little dozy on painkillers, leaning to one side but is okay otherwise and attacking food like he hasn't seen it in a week.

Mum thinks he needs a bath.

I remember the last time he was bathed.

Not sure I want to witness it again.

And now for my silly story. The hose was attached to the outside tap. I turned the tap on and listened to the water gurgle slowly through the house. As it was going ever so slowly, I turned the tap a little more. Everything was silent for a second then....


The hose came off the tap and I got drenched

12. Home

Jul. 6th, 2009 09:14 am
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What a long weekend it has been! My arms are aching from heavy lifting on both Saturday and Sunday. Mistoffelees traveled really well. We let him out of the cage in the car and he settled down happily among the luggage and gave the occasional meercat impression.

He has already taken over the house. The rule of he is only staying in the kitchen has been tossed out and he is happily making his way around the house today, sniffing it all out.

I can't say it is fantastic to be in with parents again but I'm sure I will survive
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My Sisters Keeper is a real take a tissue you with you to the cinema one. I went in alone and was like yeah I'm a toughie....apparently not so tough and neither was the rest of the cinema. There was a great deal of sniffling going on.

Is it bad I'm obscenely happy that I got Confessions of a Shopoholic today?

Dad arrived tonight to commence the day of dumping and packing tomorrow. The cat definitely suspects something is up! He climbed into a box earlier and I pointed to the cage and told him wrong box!
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Well Marcus and I went for a walk tonight and we rounded the corner and heard this miaow. Mistoffelees was following along behind us! He came with us the whole way only vanishing briefly to look in gardens and coming out again with a cheerful miaow.

I think the dog could take lessons from that xP

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