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day 04 → your favourite book

This is an easy one for me Lord of the Rings and its prequel The Hobbit have been my favourites since before I could even read them, my poor mum had to read them to me more to me. Since I could read them, I've read them once a year and never tire of them or fail to find something new in them.

In later years Crime and Punishment has stolen right up there as one of my top books ever

and because I feel like it:

favourite book series
As a kid
Chalet School
Tomorrow When the War Began
Enid Blyton
Saddle Club
The Wyrd Musuem
Northern Lights

More Recent
A Game of Thrones
Disc World
Kushiel's Dart
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I am getting a chance at a real comparison today. I have two paperback books because Doctor Who and Torchwood ebooks are extremely hard to come by. So at the minute, I am reading Sherlock Holmes on the ereader and breaking it up with the DW book and it is so weird changing between the two.

-Holding- a nomal book is much more difficult than the ereader and having to hold the pages down as I go really annoys me . Also I hate having to make a bookmark, fold the page down or try and remember the number.

The joys of an ereader are boundless, they remember where you are and hold so many books so I can really carry books everywhere with me without bulging my bag out. However, having read paper again the screen's grey screen is very odd to go back to and the pages are not always aligned properly to say nothing of the odd misspellings.

I wish the ereader could -smell- of books because then I would worship the ereader.
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Anyone who comes anywhere near my bedroom is liable to be swept up with a very large dustpan and brush and deposited into a black bag. I am ransacking my room and decluttering. (word check suggested shuttering and I thought it said sluttering)

When I think of all the things I won't use for a year it is a bit silly and someone else can get some use out of them, even if it is only for recycling. Books seem to be being evicted in the large amounts (sorry books!)

Postcards have escaped the bin, they are going into a scrap book where they are not written on, and into an album where they are written on. They are very grateful ^^

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There is some birthday cake left, I think a slice of that will go down very well.

My body thinks my mind is weird for doing this. It is inserting a clause for next year wherein it is given proper warning it is going to be driven through the night and still have to think and make a lot of movements.

Ugh there should be a more gorgeous cover for 'Kushiel's Dart', they describe an incredibly designed tattooo on Phedre's back and they don't show it off on any of the covers. People should read the series, it is glorious rich in written detail

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Into the Silence
Despite the promising summary of the book, namely Ianto joining a male voice choir this book did nothing for me. The writer although he included the relationships was clearly uncomfortably writing them. You really felt the absence of Tosh and Owen to build to the dynamic. Apart from some great descriptions of silence and despair I thought the book fell a little flat. There was nothing to get really excited about.

Next book Bay of the Dead promises Torchwood zombies which should be good.
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My new torchwood books came today! My favourite bit of the summary of one was Ianto joining a male choir. My day is definitely going to be taken up with reading

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