I'm back!

Feb. 10th, 2010 05:32 am
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Okay so I have been back for two full days now, but I fail at posting! The good news is I adore gmail all the more for the downtime. I love how I no longer think about signing into multiple accounts and it just does it for me. It is going to get a whole lot more use now.

Gold Class Cinema
I have found a true Gold Class Cinema. When mirasymphony comes over she will be introduced to it. It has proper reclining seats, you control the head and the feet separately and electronically, there is a call button for service and an actual menu! Seriously I sat there with wine, a gourmet burger and chips and a chocolate mousse and when I was finished the seat was so big that I could really curl up and enjoy the film.

Edge of Darkness wasn't the world's best film but it wasn't bad either. It had some wonderful dark humour to it and it was a well constructed plot. It just seemed to hang and move slowly.
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*pretends to look shocked* Is that a picture taken from AC/DC? Why yes I think it just might be! I did mean to take more pictures but I got a little carried away at the concert and ignored my camera. I did end up with some Supernatural flash backs during it and leapt around singing for the rest of it.

There really is nothing on earth like Highway to Hell live.
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Before we get to the main event:

I AM GOING TO SEE AC/DC TOMORROW NIGHT so I am a little excited! I just booked my ticket tonight (I looked it up on the off chance there might be spare tickets). High way to hell is going to be amazing live

And here is the picture of the day:

Ianto at ease<

SO it contains my jandals which are never off my feet (apart from tomorrow night, my feet would die in them) and my Ianto that I have carried with me everywhere. I remember buying it with [personal profile] keeperofdestiny way back before I set off and grinning like an idiot.
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These are the two paper journals I have had to buy since I started travelling:

project 364

The blue one has a silk weave cover and was bought in Cambodia, the other one was bought right here in NZ. The photographs are by Craig Potton in it and they are really are incredible.

Project 365

Feb. 1st, 2010 08:36 pm
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Oh well I've randomly decided it is a good day to start this. Have a view from my bedroom window:

project 364

Unfortunately the show girls and the escorts didn't make the picture, they are along to the left of me.
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I've just come to the last page of the book that I have been using as my paper travel journal. It's the second book I've gone through and with a jolt, I realised I have been away for over five months. Where the heck has the time gone? This is also the longest I've ever managed to keep a diary and I am pleased to announce it is now a habit rather than a chore to remember. I've got my next journal already *pats the pretty*.

Which leads me on to my online travel blog. It is currently very sadly behind the times but I am going to spend the next few days getting it up to date. I've decided that the word count of it should be counted to my word target of the year for writing. It is getting written and edited for other people and I am getting comments on it so it fits my own criteria. The decision pleases me because it is so time consuming and does take a lot of effort.

When I first started the travel blog it was easy and fun but then people started reading it and I became a lot more conscious of what I am saying and how I am saying it. I am currently wrestling with how to describe the Killing Fields in Cambodia. It is very hard to put into words. Part of me wants to skip over it in a paragraph but I think I should be better with words than that. So I am going to try again.
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Well I went to bed at four o'clock this morning and woke up after two in the afternoon. I was just a little impressed with myself for actually sleeping in.

I was up late doing the backpackers thing of drinking and watching films (Lesbian Vampire Killers and The Men Who Stared at Goats) and drinking beer. Got flirted with by a Canadian, flirted back. Common sense dictated I was not going to have a one night stand. Certainly didn't like how he pushed the idea when I said no. You'd would have had to date me first you prick. Damn annoying thing is that he is fun to talk to but gah, I didn't appreciated being treated like that.
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mirasymphony takes the top spot. I am dancing around everywhere. SHE IS COMING TO NEW ZEALAND. I remember back in school when we dreamt that we would go to New Zealand in search of hobbits. And now it is really happening. It just...I'm still lost for words.

The insane conversations that spring up on twitter especially with batmanboxers and keeperofdestiny. I've spent so much time doubled up with helpless laughter over them this week that it is awesome.

I joined fandom_smash to save batmanboxers' Ten from getting kicked by someone from Glee. I am now having a blast over there with Jack. Everyone is flirting with him. He's sticking by his Doctor and dislikes the Master for getting in the way.

And then Kerry tops it all off by ageeing to start our demons rp up again. It was more than I deserved but I am so excited about it.

There is less to be excited about off the internet. I'm working a lot more this week because of the amount of people booking in for the Big Day Out. And well it's hard to make friends in the hostel when I still need to be managerial at other times. I just need to get the guts up to go and walk into a bar alone and start talking to people.
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The staff have been trained in manners there but not in how to remember things. When I went to order, the girl on the till spotted my one and insisted that she would bring my food over to the table for me. I was pretty bowled over by that one I can tell you, I never get offers like that anywhere.

Anyway I got my own drink and took a seat and waited and waited. She wasn't overly busy and when I went back after fifteen minutes she had totally forgotten about me


I ended up carrying the tray back to the table by myself after that too.


Jan. 10th, 2010 05:57 pm
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Here I was thinking that I would get a nice relaxing afternoon, writing and doing internet stuff or perhaps going to the cinema. Well I'm in work instead getting earning some money.

The paper is giving me some pretty funny headlines to read during the lulls:

'Flight Attendants Look Like Drag Queens'
'Pot shops to open across NZ'

Christopher Lee is making a heavy metal album Yup didn't see that coming
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Well that was all rather sudden. Traipse back into the backpackers with my mum in tow after the last dinner together and say I'll be job hunting as of tomorrow to the lovely manager. Well he looks me up and down and says he has a job for me!

I start training tomorrow to work behind the desk selling travel packages and signing people in and out of the packers. I get 24 hours worth of work, 16 is paid, and the other 8 gives me free accomodation. Well okay I know it isn't technically free but I get a single room to myself and trust me it would cost me a lot more to -pay- for a single room.

sooo all is good, and I can look for some other part time hours to match in some place out.

The big question now is - do I get paid in cash once a week so I have money on hand or do it by the book? I have the option to do either.

I Won!!!!

Nov. 26th, 2009 08:50 pm
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The moment of joy:

I've had a couple of pieces of chocolate and I am enjoying such a lovely glass of wine. The novel produced a great 50 000th word 'fuck'. I've also got some other nano facts:

I was the second of my writing buddies to win -nthdraft beat me to it by a considerably long way (much congratulations goes that way)

Total number of days spent behind word count: 15! (eek)

Most wrote in one day: 6724.

Background music/tv show: NCIS

I also know I never want to try Nano when I am travelling and trying to fit in with site seeing. Although I do love the spot under the sink in the bedroom where I've spent my last few days writing

*cheers to Alex and Maverick who have turned out to be such interesting characters to write*
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48044 / 50000

I just went out and bought myself a mini bottle of wine and some Cadbury's favourites. They will sit and taunt me through the last 2000 words. No matter how long they take to write, I won't be online until they are done, I will not drink (apart from caffeine) nor shall I eat, sleep or have a lovely relaxing shower nor tweet nor go online at all until they are written.

See you all on the other side.


Nov. 25th, 2009 08:22 am
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42767 / 50000

After spending weeks behind thanks to travelling through Australia I am finally ahead. I am rather excited because the plot that had been trotting along at a steady, not uninteresting way but it exploded with direction two days ago and I am really enjoying writing it.

Auckland is growing on me by the day. I climbed Mount Victoria and saw the city rising out of the mist. Relatives that sprung themselves on me yesterday are really cool and they've invited me up the coast for the next week to enjoy a nature reserve and scuba diving.

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