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*pretends to look shocked* Is that a picture taken from AC/DC? Why yes I think it just might be! I did mean to take more pictures but I got a little carried away at the concert and ignored my camera. I did end up with some Supernatural flash backs during it and leapt around singing for the rest of it.

There really is nothing on earth like Highway to Hell live.
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Saw a tropical penguin and surfed down tall sand dunes on a 90 mile beach. To top it all off it was at the very tip of New Zealand where the two oceans meet. I had an awesome time. Can't believe I saw a penguin in the wild.

I get to go dolphin watching tomorrow ^^
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I've done it! Planes are booked, tours were necessary booked, visas applied for, banks sorted. I leave on the 19 August. My route

Belfast - London - Beijing to Hong Kong Tour - Hong Kong - Bangkok - tour of Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam finishing in Bangkok again - Australia - New Zealand - San Fran - New York (meet ups with people and additional cities to be added as needed) - London - Belfast

Nano this year is going to be nuts, I will be in Australia for half and New Zealand for half.

To my Americans, I don't have exact dates yet, I'll be working exact dates out while I am in New Zealand so we have time to scheme!

I am an excited, nervous person who has three weeks to finish getting ready!
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Starting 16 of 101 Things:

List of major things I’ve done and accomplished
Meet the Dali Lama
Swam with dolphins
Been parasailing
Walked on a glacier
Walked through a gorge
Got a tattoo
Received awards for voluntary services
Owned a pony
Stayed in the grounds of Windsor Castle
Been to Niagra falls
Have a tape of myself singing in a recording studio (-not- a success)
Been to a film premiere
Got books signed by their authors
Been to a music festival
Stood in the front row of a concert

I’m sure I will think of some others over time but I do like my list, it felt good typing it up



Jul. 25th, 2009 10:38 pm
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I am going through my folders on my computer and my favourite discovery has been the old screencaps or the BBC ‘The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe’. I think I will find a few hours over the next couple of days to make some graphics from them. And then I will try to find some people who will appreciate them.

So my whole list of fandoms to make graphics for my 101 things list:

1. BBC Narnia
2. Doctor Who
3. Torchwood
4. Supernatural
6. X-men
7. West Wing
8. Harry Potter
9. The L word
10. Lord of the Rings
11. Twilight
12. Fushigi Yuugi
13. Gundam Wing

To write fanfic for, it varies a little:
1. Torchwood
2. Gundam Wing
4. Supernatural
5. X-men
6. West Wing
7. Temarie
8. Harry Potter
9. Lord of the Rings
10. RPS

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Getting these posts up on time is a little bit tricky when mum is after the computer too.

Anyway I've referenced my 101 things list. It came from the Day Zero Project

Bold Means the task is complete
ItalicMeans that I have started but haven't completed the task

My end date is Monday, February 27, 2012

101 )


29. Pledge

Jul. 21st, 2009 02:34 pm
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As part of my 101 Things in 1001 Days I am bringing my blogs completely up to date.

I have just done all my tagging and headers for every entry here so far and I pledge from here on in that every post will be tagged and headed. And if I fail....

well I'll have to punish myself by reciting Seamus Heaney in public

The next stages of updating my Dreamwidth: a complete user info keeping with colour scheme, chosing some more iconic icons and then sorting my communities out over here
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So yesterday my parents and myself took a little boat trip to the gorgeous Rathlin Island which is just off the coast of Northern Ireland near the Giants Causeway. It really was a fantastic day. Mum and I walked 11 miles and in going I completed one of my 101 Things in 1001 Days and started another.

101 Things in 1001 Days
74. Go on a picnic

96. See 5 animals (zoos do not count) and 5 plants you haven't seen before. (2/10)
I saw seals and puffins! I am still over excited about this one. When I was a kid I fell completely in love with puffins and I finally got to see one! I stood on a bird watching platform with incredible binoculars and watched them in their nests and washing down below me on the grassy slopes!

The seals were also amazing. I inched out on rocks and seaweed to come within 10 metres of one sunbathing and got to watch 5 of them playing about in the water.

And whats this? Could it be photos of the trip and of the seals?

Of course it is )

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