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pinikir ([personal profile] pinikir) wrote2012-09-06 11:29 pm

Good News!!!!

And it's about the job. No seriously, I mean it! The never ending saga came to an end! I've cried with relief.

I got told today the options were:

1. Wait for an assessment and maybe they will find something to help....(yeah they said the last time they had nothing else)
2. Move to service (NO NO NO, lack of a good bonus and the shift looked like hell.
3. Move to outbound. (I was like errrrrrrrr maybe what's in it for me?)

3 was the winner! Because, my wages stays the same, I can still earn roughly the same bonus, I start later on my shifts. This means the world as I miss being able to stay up later at present! And set days off. Fuck this is the best. See my days off change every week. Now I know what I am doing! I get every Sunday off and every other Saturday off (Friday on the day I am on Sat!) and the Sat's I'm in, I am only in for 4 hours. It's a sweet deal. Plus I get two weeks off over Christmas.

Sure it's going to be dull. I accept it but the system is different which means I can work it! I can get the staff mortgage I want and basically I want to hug everyone. Not everyone understood the problems, even my mum just understood it a week ago but I can stay in my job. I can go back to being stress free and I can be happy.

I've stressed so much. Felt like I was banging my head off brick walls but now I am okay. I can deal and move forward.

There are other things to blog about! They are relegated until tomorrow xP
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YAY I'm happy for you!!