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pinikir ([personal profile] pinikir) wrote2012-09-02 03:17 pm

Ends & Fresh Starts

I've been living with my best friend for a year. Sadly it's coming to end with her leaving me *sob*.

And at the end of the month I am going back to living with parents much to my deep disgust, this was not part of my plans. But the good news is I hope it will only be a for a few months until I can buy somewhere. There is no way I want to rent again. I want to be putting my money into somewhere that is my own. Living with them will let me save a bit more, and the mortgage and bills will be a little cheaper than what I've been paying for past few months since it went down to two of us in the house! Which is relief since I've been having to balance money very carefully!

Also with the loss of Miranda, I need to get out and find some clubs or something to join. I need to make some friends I can go out in the week with otherwise I am going to go stir crazy. At the moment, I am going out a lot less often then I would like. I am becoming a recluse and it isn't me!

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