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50 Shades of Grey

So I am curled up on the couch dealing with the aftermath of getting wisdom teeth taken out. I haven been reading this stupid book on and off. I've decided to leave some thoughts on it.

✖ Comedy. This is the only category for this book. It's a caricature of everything. People included.
✖ It reads like a fanfic. I know it started off as one lol but there are moments so close to the books that it is obvious. e.g. meeting the family.
✖ There is a whole chapter on contracts which is lifted from the internet. It's written in a different style to the rest of the book.
✖ She interchanges dom/sub and master/slave like they both mean the same thing.
✖ The writing is terrible. She talks about The Red Room of Pain

The more of it that I read, the more offended I get that this book got published and is such a best seller. It got published for shock value and everyone who loves it skips over how crap it is. The sex is crap. The only vaguely hot bit contained no actual sex.

I have a few chapters left and ugh I will be lucky if I make it to the end.

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