pinikir: (mockingjay)
pinikir ([personal profile] pinikir) wrote2012-04-06 11:47 pm

Updatey Thing

I owns an ipad2! I don't even care. It's perfect for cooking and traveling. I don't need to worry about porting my mac around with me anymore. I got an awesome contract on it with 15GB data limit a month! I will have no worries with it when I am not hooked up to a home wifi. The thing got named Finnick, it was the first name that sprung to mind. My obsession with 'The Hunger Games' has not dimmed.

It also means I can carry comics into work on it. It will less obvious what I am doing. And also lol I can tag on my breaks. I don't even care. Rping is a good stress buster for me.

I'm handling this past couple of days a lot better. It's so much eaiser to wake up and feel positive and I feel less stressed out about going out the door. I've slowly been working through things and letting go. It's been so much easier when I'm not over analysing everything. I'm using the energy instead to get things completed.

I still procrastinate when I set my goals too high, or have too high expectations of myself. So I am trying to break down my goals into smaller tasks, rather than panicking about the bigger picture.

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