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pinikir ([personal profile] pinikir) wrote2012-03-26 08:41 pm
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Of cars

I own my own car now! It is a little Nissan Micra and it's pale gold. Because of it's colour I've named it Elixir. My nerd is showing through. I am glad it isn't silver or I would have been forced to call it Quicksilver. If that had happened, I would have been in danger of murdering my own car.

To drive it, I needed an adaption put on the steering wheel. This infrared pad and knob:

The thing cost me £1200. I got no fucking help paying for it. It's still pissing me off. Why the hell did I have to pay a quarter of the price of my car extra, when other people don't. I asked around for help and again and again I was turned down for help. If it hadn't been for my parents who helped me with it, I would never have been able to do it.

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