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pinikir ([personal profile] pinikir) wrote2012-02-06 12:56 pm


I don't know what stuff but I feel like a good ramble. It probably won't cover very much!

I had an epic time. Went to see We Will Rock You and LOL people followed my lead for the clapping etc. This is listed on my things of weird things that I have accomplished.

The Lion King had the prettiest staging I've ever seen.

The Madness of King George III stole the whole trip. I swear I've never seen anything better acted, I was entirely gripped the whole way through. I felt the decent into the madness and I was laughed, shocked and well...I feel like it has stuck with me for a very long time.

The Hunger Games
sfkflrglsksfs it can't come soon enough. I am getting so very excited and I can't help myself, I am stalking every bit of it.